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Build Your Own Omelette - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Build Your Own Omelette


Make it With (Eggs):Substitute Egg Whites +$1.49Regular Eggs
Omelet Toppings:Swiss Cheese Jalapeno Jack Cheese Mozzarella Cheese American Cheese Feta Cheese Cheddar Cheese Bleu Cheese Ham Bacon Turkey Breast Turkey Sausage Ground Beef Sausage Salami Chili Chorizo Tomatoes Onions Bell Peppers Avocado Mushrooms Spinach Broccoli Jalapenos
Omelette Extra Toppings:Swiss Cheese +$0.99Jalapeno Jack Cheese +$0.99Mozzarella Cheese +$0.99American Cheese +$0.99Feta Cheese +$0.99Cheddar Cheese +$0.99Bleu Cheese +$0.99Ham +$0.99Bacon +$0.99Turkey Breast +$0.99Turkey Sausage +$0.99Ground Beef +$0.99Sausage +$0.99Salami +$0.99Chili +$0.99Tomatoes +$0.99Onions +$0.99Bell Peppers +$0.99Avocado +$0.99Mushrooms +$0.99Spinach +$0.99Broccoli +$0.99Jalapenos +$0.99Chorizo +$0.99
Bread:Bagel English Muffin Toast Hot Biscuit
Hash Browns or Country Potatoes:Seasoned Country Potatoes Hash Browns Sub Fresh Fruit +$1.99
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